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7-Day Tapathon Challenge

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DAY 1 - The 7 Subconscious Blockers

Discover which of the ‘subconscious blockers’ you have… they are the hidden reasons you’re still holding onto those extra pounds. You may have just a few…  or all 7.

If you don’t know these blocks exist, you have no hope of fighting them. Once you understand your blocks your body will get the message “it’s safe to be thin” and you’ll finally be able to reach your goals!

DAY 2 - Supercharge your WILLPOWER

In this class, you’ll learn how your brain associates certain foods with positive memories from your childhood.

You’ll finally understand WHY you’ve felt so out of control around certain foods and how to enjoy them WITHOUT going overboard and WITHOUT feeling deprived.

DAY 3 - Kick Your Cravings to the Curb!

Bring your Cryptonite like chocolate, potato chips, ice cream to this class…

You’ll experience a BRAND NEW Tapping Technique ‘The Ball of Light™’ that clears cravings 10x’s faster than traditional tapping! By the end of this class, your brain will be reprogrammed to enjoy just a few squares of chocolate rather than the whole bar, or just a few bites of ice cream instead of the whole quart.

You WON’T have to use ANY willpower WHATSOEVER and you will NOT feel deprived!

DAY 4 - Stop Emotional Eating

Learn what’s REALLY driving your emotional eating (It’s NOTHING you’ve heard before).

In this class, you’ll master a new cutting-edge tapping technique called “Echo Tapping™” to push food away without feeling deprived.

How? It zeroes into the exact part of your brain where the impulse to eat emotionally is stored and reprograms the neural pathways and mental “programs” that tell your body to keep those extra pounds.

DAY 5 - Stop Self Sabotage

Is your willpower non-existent? Do you tell yourself you won’t eat certain foods only to give in a few days – or even hours – later?

Discover how your childhood relationship with parents/authority figures dictates your ability to have willpower and actually FORCES you to eat food when you don’t really want to.

Tap-a-Long as we reprogram these unconscious programs so you have rock-solid willpower and can EASILY release extra pounds.

DAY 6 - LIVE Hot Seat Interventions

If you’ve tried everything and nothing has worked, you NEED to come to this class.

One of Brittany’s superpowers is to pinpoint EXACTLY what’s been holding you back from reaching your goals and give you a customized protocol to heal it.

Even If you’re not the type to raise your hand in class, someone will magically ask the same question YOU have …. so you’ll get a customized prescription from Britt too!

DAY 7 - The MOST Powerful Blocker

This subconscious blocker is SO powerful AND so common it deserves a full class to understand completely.

On this final day, you’ll have the most aha moments you’ve ever had when it comes to your body ….

By the end of this class, we’ll wrap up all the information from the entire week, and you’ll have a simple step-by-step action plan to get the body and life you’ve been looking for!


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