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“Give Me 6 Months, I’ll Give You a Lifetime of Freedom From Food”
Brittany Watkins

Finally get the personalized 1 on 1 help you NEED by working closely with ME AND your very own Certified Emotional Eating Specialist 

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See What My Students are Saying...

“I went home for 2 months for the holiday season, i was around my family, we were going to fundraisers and parties, there was alcohol and food everywhere… and i ended up LOOSING 12 pounds. That makes 70 total!”

 – Elizabeth

But It’s Not For Everyone

I’m looking for a select number of women who are ready to start saying YES to themselves.
You want to win the battle with food and your weight so you can finally step out in the world and be who you know you were born to be…

I receive emails from students every week who report they are:

The Power of Community

If you are accepted on this program, you’ll be working one-on-one with me or one of my highly-trained and trusted coaches AND you’ll get to meet other women traveling this same path as you go through the program together. Experiencing this transformation with a group supercharges your results. Plus, everything’s more fun with friends!

Experiencing this transformation with a group supercharges your results.
Plus, everything’s more fun with friends!
“Borrowing benefits” is a phenomenon that is unique to tapping. Studies show that EFT has a lasting positive effect on even those who only witness it and tap along, even if it has nothing to do with their own issues. You benefit by tapping for yourself and others.
Group mind thinks big. A 1993 experiment conducted by the U.S. Institute of Science, Technology and Public Policy found that violent crime in Washington DC, the “murder capital of the world,” declined by 48% after a group of global volunteers came together in collective meditation.
The results are exponential. Breakthroughs happen more quickly.
Problems that have been a struggle for years disappear.

My marriage was in the toilet. It went from nearly ending to thriving…the energy between us is just totally different now, we’re so happy and in love! – Katrina

I’m just totally amazed that the angry, rebellious person that I was months ago is nearly gone. I am 90% more positive and I’m finding it possible to step out and do things I didn’t think I could ever do – Ruthi
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