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Boundary Workshop

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This easy-to-apply protocol will rewire your brain to set boundaries automatically without having to think about it

You’ll say no easily to things that overwhelm you and stop the “I have to do everything myself” thinking. 



30 Seconds to STOP your Food Cravings Guide

($48 Value)

An incredible guide packed with 33 tapping scripts to help you eliminate cravings for all types of junk food like candy, chocolate, bread, cheese, and even wine! 

You’ll also find tapping scripts to help you heal negative body image, self-sabotage, and poor self-care.


The 7 Weight Loss Blockers

($29 Value)

In this manual, you’ll learn about each of the 7 subconscious weight loss blockers…  you’ll find out where they come from and why they cause you to crave specific foods.

You’ll also learn why you eat and are NOT hungry, and using willpower will actually make you GAIN weight in the long run!


How to Stop Self Sabotaging Your Weight Loss Efforts Guide

($29 Value)

Self-sabotage is one of the strongest weight-loss blockers, and the most difficult to overcome. 

In this guide, you’ll learn the history of self-sabotageunderstand how the mind works when it comes to willpower and control and how your authority figure from childhood is STILL making YOUR decisions… good or bad…  

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